Professional Mobile Car Valeting, Car Detailing, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in London

Mobile Car Wash, Mini & Full Car Valeting, Machine Polishing, HD Wax, Minor Scratch Removal, 2 Bucket Method.

Vomit & Car Sick Cleaning, Fine Upholstery, Delicate Leather & Fabric Car Seats Valeting. 

Full Sanitation, Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Stain & Odour Removals. 




Dear Clients we are offering 50% Discount of our OZONE INTERIOR CLEANING, DISINFECTION AND SANITATION Service. 
Normal charges for 1 hour service £45, NOW £20 if booked as an addition to any of our other car wash, car valeting and car detailing services.
OZONE DISINFECTION AND SANITATION is the only method that KILLS 100% of all bacterias and viruses including the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is highly recommended for piece of mind. This method also can be used in House, Office or any closed spaces. Takes 1 hour in most circumstances but for bigger space may take longer. 
Please contact us if you require more information. 
Mobile Car Wash
Prices start from £28.00 for small car
Protective HD Wax
Prices start from £75.00 for small car
Machine Polishing
Prices start from £95.00 for small car
Mobile Car Valeting
Prices start from £45.00 for small car
Mobile Car Detailing
Prices start from £195.00 for small car
Carpet Cleaning
Prices start from £120.00 for 1 bed flat
Upholstery Cleaning
Prices start from £120.00 for 1 bed flat
Car Interior Cleaning
Prices start from £98.00 for a small car
Home Cleaning
Prices start from £120.00 for 1 bed flat
Leather Cleaning
Prices start from £50.00 for a small car
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IMPORTANT!  By booking our services you agree with the T&C below.

All services with displayed prices above are for mild & medium dirty cars. Our specialist has right to cancel your booked service or request additional charge if your car is in extremely poor condition. We strongly advice if you check thoroughly your car for damages to the interior & exterior & collect all valuables & personal belongings before beginning of service as We Should NOT be kept responsible for existing damages to your car or missing equipment & personal items.We have rights to take photos or other media if we find it for necessary. After completion of any interior & higher level service we will invite you to inspect your car to confirm acceptance. You can reschedule or cancel service of at least 24 hrs in advance and we guarantee you will not be charged cancelation or other fee. For same day bookings we do not guarantee that the time of booking will match with the time of service and should be treated as request and definitely not booked time. We advice if you contact us before commit same day booking to coordinate. We guarantee same day service but not exact time. If your car is late or is at other location rather than initially booked for the service, please advice us no later than 3 hrs in advance & we will do our best to cooperate and adjust. Due to traffic & unexpected circumstances or short notice booking our specialist might be late. In this occasion we will do our best and will keep you updated with the ETA.


Valiant Valeting Ltd. offers, Mobile Car Valeting, Car Detailing, Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Greater London and nearest counties.

All our specialists have completed years of training and have been recognised by IMI as such, also hold certificates for-Master Detailer also Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning. We offer car valeting, detailing, scratch removal, paint correction, machine polishing, ceramic coating, windscreen and glass protective coatings. We specialise also in convertible, soft top cleaning and protection. In addition our mobile services include leather and fabric seats and upholstery valeting. We also specialise in carpet and upholstery cleaning and spotting.

To be versatile and to meet all our clients specific needs we have set up specialised transportation that is fully equipped with professional products & machinery. Safety is our priority and we have spent considerable time and money to train our team in the safe use of chemicals & machinery, safety in the workplace and the latest H&S Executive requirements. For peace of mind to our staff and our clients we have in place Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

 Our telephone line is open for information, advice and assistance. To find out more please visit:


A small selection of beautifully valeted cars, cleaned delicate leather car seats and fine fabrics car seats, carpets, upholstery and unpleasant accidents we've renovated with passion.

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